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60" Heat Laminating Systems - Standard Model

The base unit of the Ttarp laminator can be customized with various options to meet specific fabricating needs.

Ttarp designs and manufactures 60" heat laminating systems to laminate, slit and rewind heat-activated or cold-bonding adhesive products. Ttarp laminators are available with an extensive range of options to customize your system.

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System Features:

  • Designed for processing sheet or roll goods including rubber, plastic, foam, textiles and other materials
  • Semi and fully automatic sheeting of rolls an option
  • Solid state temperature controllers
  • 1/2" thick aluminum platen for superior heat transfer and thermal efficiency
  • Three-zone heat drum assures more accurate, even heating across the web
  • Two sets of silicone rubber-coated pinch rollers (with digital height indicators) to eliminate curl
  • Adjustable drive with web speed indicator
  • Adjustable score cutters for slitting to width
  • Variable torque control for precise rewind tensioning
  • Mobile control console for easy operation
  • Laminate roll or sheet material
  • Laminate one side or two sides at once
  • Ply-up multiple layers
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
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Laminating Video

Click below to see an example of a Ttarp laminator at work


Touch-screen interface (mounts on moveable console) enables easy set-up, easy adjustments, and easy recipe saving.

Detail of score cutting assembly.

Two sets of 5" diameter silicone pinch rollers improve bonding on thin materials and reduce curl on soft materials.


Easy-to-use height adjustment control for pinch rollers.






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Due to our continuous product improvement program, specifications and options are subject to change without notice.

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