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Model K-1 Horizontal Splitting Machine

Robust machine for cutting - with tenths of a millimeter in accuracy - high-resistance materials such as EVA, cork, rubber, "Neolite," PVC foam, polyurethane foam, and similar materials.

Equipment Features:

  • PLC control panel
  • Electronic adjustment of the cutting speed
  • Thickness control by digital and manual systems, through the analog thickness gauge with a scale of hundredths of a millimeter
  • System with synchronized traction rollers
  • Support table for entry and exit of the material
  • Resistant blade guide system, composed of two blades of reinforced steel
  • Automatic blade advancement system to offset its operating wear
  • Aspirator for sparks, metal powder and granules generated during sharpening
  • Emergency stop system for broken blades

Technical Specifications:

 Maximum cutting height/thickness (cm)


 Clear cutting width (m)


 Maximum cutting speed (m/min)


 Blade (mm)

 80 x 1

 Cutting accuracy (mm)



K-1 Horizontal Splitting Machine

Click below to see an example of a K1 splitter at work


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