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 Peeling Machine

Machine intended for continuous foam cutting - with tenths of a millimeter in accuracy - from 0.8 mm in thickness. It includes a winder synchronized with the cut. The thickness is chosen electronically through simple commands from the control panel. Millimeter scaling in 0.1 intervals for thickness ranging from 0.8 mm to 50 mm.

Equipment Features:

  • Electronic adjustment of the cutting speed
  • Resistant blade guide system, composed of two blades of reinforced steel
  • Automatic blade advancement system to offset its operating wear
  • Special motorized set for sharpening blades
  • Aspirator for sparks, metal powder and granules generated while sharpening the blade
  • Meter counter
  • Emergency stop system for broken blades

Designed to Cut:

  • Flexible polyurethane foam

Click here to see the D-1 and D-2 special cutting accessories used with the Peeler.

Technical Specifications:


 T 1500/1600

 T 1500/2000

 T 1800/2400

 Diameters of blocks to be cut (m)




 Clear cutting width (m)




 Maximum cutting speed (m/min)





Peeling Machine

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