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Model TC Cutting Line

The cutting line is a system with diverse machines integrated to achieve high productivity. These machines are interconnected by belts and perform several kinds of cuttings, sequentially and simultaneously. First the blocks have their lateral sides cut, followed by the top and bottom by horizontal cutting machines, then they are transversally cut to finally have the vertical cuts operating. The system allows each machine to be operated individually.

System Features:

  • 1 general control panel for full or partial control of the cutting line
  • 2 secondary control panels for individual control of cutting systems 1 and 2
  • 2 V-16 model vertical cutting machines with two wheels and a "Teflonized" guide for side cleaning of the blocks
  • 1 H-8 model horizontal cutting machine, for bottom cleaning of the blocks
  • 1 H-11 model horizontal cutting machine, for top cleaning of the blocks, as well as cutting
  • 1 TE model splitter for block splitting in the desired length
  • 2 V-16 model vertical cutting machine, with 4 wheels and a "Teflonized" guide for vertical block cutting (Note: vertical cutting machines may be added depending on customer needs)
  • 3 sets of motorized conveyor belts that operate independently
  • 2 sets of side guide rollers to align and centralize the blocks

Technical Specifications:

 Maximum cutting height (m)


 Working width (m)


 Maximum cutting length (m)


 Plate stacking maximum height (m)


 Maximum cutting speed (m/min)



TC Cutting Line

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